Boyfriend Jeans

BF jeans bf jeans 3 bf jeans 4 bf jeans 2 I find it so strange that I can wear something all the time and it never gets shown on the blog.  I’m not even sure how that works?  Anyway, here are my boyfriend jeans that are only making an appearance in this blog now.  I wasn’t too sure on boyfriend jeans at first, but I love how comfy they are!  I’m still not sure if I’m doing the cuff rolling thing properly, but I tried!  I wore this to dinner with my MIL (mother in law) to a lovely Italian restaurant, that even got her blessing as an ‘Italian Mama’.  Just a little note on these shoes.  I’ve had them since high school! They have been through the wars, lost a buckle pin and one sole, but they are still going strong!


2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Jeans

    1. Thanks Jessica. They are so comfy aren’t they? My husband hated them when I bought them and when he saw this outfit he said: “Those jeans look good.” Boys! *rolls eyes*

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