Splash of Purple

Splash of Purple splash of purple splash of purple splash of purple splash of purple

Hi everyone! I’m back.  I’ve had a strange week, and I just didn’t find time to take outfit photos.  Plus with a fresh batch of assignments due, blogging just sort of slipped down the priority list, you know?

These purple flowers aren’t the only purple things in my life this Spring.  I also got a streak of purple put into my hair.  I’m not sure if you can see it in these photos, but I love it.  I’ve been wanting to do it since I left school.  About two months ago my husband started asking me once a week when am I going to get my hair coloured. I finally  just went and did it last Thursday.

I must have subconsciously been channelling Audrey when I wore this.  She has mentioned how refreshing all neutrals can be.  And I really liked this colour combo.  I usually go for bright colours or high contrast pairings, but this was so nice for a change.  A bit like a pallet cleanser.

Here are a few more ways I have worn this skirt.


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