My first crop top

My first crop top1 My first crop top3 My first crop top4 My first crop top5jpg My first crop top6jpg My first crop top7pg

This is the first crop top I have EVER worn.  We all have parts of our bodies we feel insecure about and my stomach is mine. I have been since I can remember. As a kid I was insecure about my belly button, as a teenager it was the fact that I am so pale and as an adult its because its not as flat as it was as a teenager.  But I bit the bullet and bought a crop top… in February (it was a big bullet, ok?).  So I’m taking things slowly and pairing it with high wasted pieces.  I’m also not sure what age it becomes inappropriate to show off your mid-riff?

This is how I wore my red skirt last time:

skulls, dress, red, skirt, magenta, jacket, converse

Here are more ways to wear the skirt.

Update:  I have linked this post to IFB project #121.


5 thoughts on “My first crop top

  1. Just turned 26 and I have the same concern… When do you put away the short shorts and crop tops? (I already don’t wear them at the same time anymore!) Anyhoo, I really like the top 🙂

    1. Thanks. I’ve only started wearing short shorts in the last few years. But I guess when you hear someone mutter: “Mutton dressed as lamb”, then it might be time to quit? Let’s hope that is is long way off though!

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