Same outfit different accessories

colour block 2Same outfit 1

same outfit 2Spot the kitten!

same outfit 3

same outfit 4

I took an outfit that I had worn on a cooler day earlier this year and changed is slightly for warmer weather.  Instead of the pink cardigan I opted for my trusty yellow jacket, and the pink scarf I swapped for a pink necklace.  I added some earrings to tie the pink and orange together a  bit more.  A slight change, but quite a different  vibe don’t you think?

You can see the original outfit here.


7 thoughts on “Same outfit different accessories

      1. Eish! What is up with that? My hubs was there yesterday. Sounds like its been like winter there the past few days. Well you can stare at my yellow jacket and pretend its sunshine 😛

      2. I don’t know! It’s my first year living here, and it’s been tough realizing that the December holiday weather is just a beautiful lie. Definitely looking forward to the time I can join you in busting out the brights 😀

      3. Ha ha! I think everyone feels that way when they move to places they go on holiday. It kinda looses its shine. Well, lets hope its not much longer till you can wear some brights!

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