Grey Day

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I found these photos and realised I never posted them! I think I took these in APRIL!

Summer has arrived in this part of the woods.  Spring only lasts a week or two here.  I’ve unpacked my summer wardrobe and realised I have so many clothes!  I used to be an advocate for capsule wardrobes, so how this happened I do not know! But I am looking forward to playing around with my summer items. Dressing for the heat and staying stylish has never been my strong point, but let’s hope I’ve learned a few things.

This outfit I posted today is sort of a work outfit.  If you can get away with wearing skulls to work, then that is great, but I doubt many people can.  I just wore this for errands.  Not having an office job, I sometimes crave an office outfit just for the fun of it.  But not having a boss lets me get away with skull scarves. Hey, might not be the best advantage of not having a boss, but it still goes in the pro column.

Here are some more ways to wear this grey blazer.


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