Bebe South Africa Launch

Bebe 1 Bebe 2 bebe 3 bebe 4 bebe 5 bebe 6

I was lucky enough to get invited to the launch of bebe here in South Africa.  The launch was held in Sandton City and this is what I wore.  My sister-in-law and I had a great time trying things on. We were quite surprised that when a shop assistant noticed that we were turning down the cocktails, she offered us some energy drinks as a non-alcoholic alternative. That hardly ever happens! The launch itself was fun, with a table loaded with liquorice and toffee apples (which I saved to eat wile watching a movie on the couch!).  I saw some amazing pieces of clothing and fell in love with most of their dresses.  I was a little surprised at the costs, but not out of the ordinary for Sandton prices (this Pretoria girl, doesn’t get to shop there often).  Over all the launch was fun, and the clothes are pretty (what else would one want?).

Here are some (non-flattering) fitting room photos for you to enjoy.

014 017 019 025


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