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Over the Women’s day weekend we made our third trip to the music festival of OppiKoppi.    We had such a good time!  It is so great to spend a stress free weekend with our friends! I had an entire plan worked out for taking outfit photos, but things never go to plan at Oppi.  My highlights were seeing the Florida based band Yellowcard, one of my favourite South African bands Crashcarburn, Mango Groove and Iso.   Its great sitting around camp fires and catch up with friends.  Its great to wake up the next morning and hear all the crazy experiences that your camp mates had the night before that you somehow missed.  The weather this year was freakishly warm for this time of year! So it was a nice change this year not to freeze as soon as the sun sets.  I also loved waiting for the hottest part of the day so I could shower (there is no hot water). It felt so good to be cool and clean for a little while. Thank you OppiKoppi. I hope to see you again!

Check out my good friend Mayuri’s Koppi experience!.


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