How to get more out of your work wear

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I can just hear you say “Urgh! Who wants to wear more work clothes?!”.  If you are anything like me, you have more work wear in your wardrobe than casual items.  So, it would make sense for your work wear to do a bit of  multi- tasking.   Now that I no longer have a full-time office job, I really need my work clothes to suit my more casual life style.

Dress down your suit jacket:

All the blazers I own are actually one half of a suit. Rolling up  the sleeves and pairing them with jeans makes them instantly more relaxed, while dressing up a pair of plain jeans.  I have tonnes of examples of this in my blog but here are and here are two of them.

Wear a waistcoat for a bit of edge:

Pairing a waistcoat over a t-shirt automatically upgrades your outfit and gives you a hardcore vibe. See me wear mine here and here.

Work that blouse:

I often wear my work tops with more casual outfits.  They also make great ‘going out’ tops. Examples here and here.

Casual pencil skirts:

Dressing down a pencil skirt is as simple as wearing a t-shirt with flats.  I do this all the time in the summer months. Here is an example.

Work trousers:

I often wear my work trousers as casual trousers, and no one seems to bat an eye-lid.  Examples here and here.


7 thoughts on “How to get more out of your work wear

  1. I love that last look with the pencil skirt – it’s my favourite look of you EVAH! Going to copy it 🙂 Maybe with Converse?

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