Bush Baby

Bush Baby Bush baby 5 Bush Baby 4 Bush Baby 3 Bush Baby 2

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, we went to visit my folks this weekend.  I had a slightly unique upbringing in the sense that I was raised in the bushveld. These photos were taken in the road outside our house.  It is winter, so all the grass has gone brown. It was so warm that I took my cardigan off about 10 minutes after the photos were taken.   I was surprised to see that this is the first time this yellow cardigan is making an appearance on the blog!  I wear it all the time!.

As you can tell from the photos, our dogs love it in the bush. We took them for plenty off-leash walks, and they couldn’t get enough.  We were very proud that they didn’t just run off , they stayed with us the whole time.  There were plenty of gross things to eat and roll in. They were in heaven! My parent’s dogs also loved having some new playmates around.

P.S. The bush calls for no-make up and lazy ponytails.  But no make-up is a regular thing on this blog, so I’m guessing you were expecting it.


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