Outfit Outtakes


Out take 2 Out take 3


Here are a few outfits that didn’t make it on the blog.

1) I only had one decent pic of  this outfit.  I quite liked the red and the bubble necklace together.  (I’m quickly learning that I love everything paired with that necklace).

2) This was taken at a friend’s birthday party.  I shamelessly cropped out one of my besties, Jaimie.  It was a fancy dress and I made a quick visit to a family member in hospital before the party and I didn’t want to wonder around in fancy dress. Jaimie however, did wear fancy dress, so I copped her out 😛

3) Here Jaimie and I are both wearing fancy dress.  The theme for this party was ‘zef’. If we were in the UK we would call it ‘chav’. I’m not sure what one would call it in the USA?  There were plenty of outfits there that night which I thought were really cool and trendy. When I mentioned that to the wearers,  I would get a response that was mingled with pity and disgust.  If you visit Jaimie’s blog here, you can see us in different fancy dress.


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