Beer for chicken

beer for chicken 2beer for chicken 1  beer for chicken 3 beer for chicken 4

Saturday was a little  cold, but no matter because we were off to the craft beer festival!  The organisers were even kind enough to have it just up the road from us. How convenient!  But as we get to the entrance, some guy was busy putting up a cardboard sign with ‘sold out’ written on it.  This was only 2 hours after they had opened! We were bummed out! No yummy craft beer for us! So we had lunch at Nando’s instead!

Can we spare a minute to talk about these jeans, please?  I have worn them here on the blog several times. I bought them at Mr Price (I don’t think I’ve ever bought jeans there before).  What I liked about them was that they are a pair of plain black jeans but with a tiny bit of panelling detail at the knees. Plain, but not boring. But most importantly, they were the perfect shade of black.  I’ve had them for a while now, and therefore have washed them several times.  The last time I washed them, the colour ran! Now they are more charcoal then black.  I’m telling myself that they are evolving and finding some personality, but its still a bitter pill to swallow.  First no beer then no black…  How much disappoint is a girl supposed to take in one day?

P.S. I am being featured over at Meghan Silva’s Blog in her Blogging 101 series.  Why not pop over and say hi?


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