DIY Safety-pin necklace


What you need:

Safety-pins (I used small 40-40 small ones)


needle and thread




Step 1:  Open the safety-pin and thread the beads on. The beads I used were quite small, so it took about 6-7 beads.

007Step 3:  Thread your beaded safety-pins  on some double thread. Make sure that they all face the same way, unless you want to have more of a textured look.  I also used some larger beads to space them out.

009Step 4: Add your desired length of chain to each end of your stringed safety pins.  I used my pliers to open the chain links, to get the desired length.  I attached the chain by threading the  needle and thread through the last link of the chain and the bead a few times (like I was sewing them together).  I didn’t add a clasp to mine, because I made the chain long enough to just slop over my head.

010Happy Crafting!


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