6 Favourite outfits so far

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Seeing as Monday’s post was my 6th month of blogging, I thought I’d show you 6 of my favourite outfits. It was actually quite tough to choose, but seeing as its not something to get really serious about here are 6 outfits I enjoyed wearing.

1) This is a throw back to my office days.

2) The little colourful outfit I wore to my friend’s Grah Satak.

3)  I only had one good photo of this outfit, and I don’t think I’ve worn this top since!

4) Chambray shirt + Blazer + skinny jeans = one easy outfit that looks good for most occasions.

5) I’m not sure why I love this outfit so much. I just feel really comfortable in it and I don’t feel like I’m trying to hard

6) The first time I got to wear a sari. I borrowed this from my friend to wear to her wedding (see #2). I had fun wearing it, I got a lot of compliments and it is something I’ve always wanted to wear.  Then I washed it…. I hand washed it and it seemed fine, I even remembered to dry it flat.  I hear the slight panic in Mayuri’s voice when I told her I washed her sari, but assured her it was fine. Then when it was dry I went to fold it. Of-course the dye ran. Not a lot, and you can sort of hide it in the pleats when you fold it. But still, its not a nice feeling borrowing something so lovely only to give it back in a much worse state then you got it in! Sorry Mayuri! But thank you for letting me be the one to have trashed it!


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