Six of Thirty

6 0f 30 i     6 of 30 vi6 0f 30 v6 of 30 iii6 0f 30 iv6 0f 30 ii

Hi everyone! So, I’m a day late with this post.  I have been so busy (and not the good kind!).  I am currently in the middle of exams.  I just finished a mammoth one yesterday, so I’m taking the morning off to catch up on my posts. Oh well, that is what you get for being a ‘mature’ student (a class mate  called me that and when I asked her what her age was, there was only a bit more than a year difference between us! One can only laugh!).

So back to the outfit. This is number six for my 1/30 challenge. I’m not even sure when I took these photos. Last week, maybe? I wear these jeans a lot. I refer to them as my ‘smart jeans’. But they are way to big for me as I’m sure you can tell!  But that little bit of extra room is great for tucking  dresses into to wear as shirts.

Well, this little old lady is off to find more ways to wear some skulls! Have a good day everyone!


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