Grown Up

Grown Up2 Grown Up1 grown Up 4 Grown Up 3

When the husband saw me in this outfit he said that I looked like a grown up.  Hmm, I’ll take that as a compliment thanks!  It was one of those evenings that we had two events to attend.  A pizza night with the cousins, and a friend’s 30th.  So I was aiming for an outfit that could fit in at both.

This weekend I had yet another date night!! I could not believe it. I didn’t take outfit pics though, but I’m sure the outfit will appear on the blog at some point.  After the date we went to see some friends we hadn’t seen in ages, so that was another 2 events in one evening.  It has been the 4th one this year! We don’t go out often (maybe I should used passed tense from now on, because it seems like we go out regularly now) so we try to see as many people as possible when we do.  Either that, or our friends are really bad at planning :P.

P.S: Today marks six months of me being a style blogger.  I am glad that I’ve made it this far. I am very surprised (in a good way) at how much I enjoy this strange hobby of posting pics of myself on the big, scary Internet! And of course I really appreciate the support from you all, and appreciate every reader and every friend I’ve made along the way!


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