Five of thirty

5 of 30 iii 5 of 30 iv 5 of 30 ii 5 of 30 i


Two skull posts in a row! Aren’t you lucky?!  This was such a super comfy outfit.  I wore my chambray shirt under the dress and lucky for me the weather turned cold! And yes, I go most days without make-up. I usually crop my head off  if that is the case, but this time I thought I’d just leave it.  After all  most people IRL see me like this.  So, dear readers, I think this  means our relationship has grown! Yay, for us!

OK, so our grass is looking super sad.  Winter has arrived and I am running out of places to pose for pics in my garden.  Our garden is really more of a spring garden. I’m really looking forward to taking outfit photos then.  But let’s not complain about Winter too much, seeing it has just started. Otherwise its going to be a long season.

Have a happy weekend everyone! See you all on Monday!


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