The List: Winter 2013

foshini white shirtSkinny Jeans: Cotton Stretch, Creased, RE:Zip Detail Baguette ShopperJoe's Jeans Vintage Reserve Boyfriend JeansKatie Stud Corner Weekend Bag


As you can see, my winter wish list has changed a bit from my Autumn one.

1. Still looking for that illusive white button up shirt

2 Skinny Jeans

3. A sparkling statement necklace, Anna Karenina style.

4. Black leather jacket.

5.  Black leather handbag.

6. Black and white striped top.

7. Boyfriend jeans.

8. Cognaq handbag.

9. White skinny Jeans.


4 thoughts on “The List: Winter 2013

    1. That necklace is stunning isn’t it! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available in South Africa at the moment. Plus I’m not sure I could afford it if it were. Sigh!

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