My week

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Guys, I’ve been so busy at varsity that I’m very behind on outfits posts. So instead I’ll share a slightly more personal post then usual and show you my week so far. I hope that is ok?

On Saturday we had a family potjie. We made three kinds; a lamb, bacon and veg with wine and one without the wine and a veggie one for my sister in law (who ended up sampling them all!). And as you can see I actually wear the outfits I post on the blog. I was wearing this outfit for the 1/30 challenge.

Unfortunately we got broken into on Tuesday morning (around 4 am) .  Luckily no one was hurt and the alarm frightened them off. They did make off with a laptop.  So the next morning consisted of police, fingerprint dusting and window replacing.  Our area is usually very safe and the security guard who responded to the alarm was quite shocked that something like this happened in the area.  Oh well!

The rest of the week consisted of going to class and writing assignments.  I do have a new haircut, but you’ll see that in outfit photos soon enough.


4 thoughts on “My week

  1. Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear about the break-in. That is SO scary. At least they only got a laptop (that sucks, but glad nothing more was taken and everyone is OK). Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend because you deserve it 🙂

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