One and Two of Thirty

1 of 30 iii1 of 30 ii1 of 30

This is the first look I tried with this dress for my 1/30 challenge. I copied this look from Kendi.  I’ve been holding on to that outfit pic of Kendi’s for a while now, hoping that one day I’ll have the items to recreate it.  But I guess I had them all a long…

2 of 30 2 of 30 iii 2 of 30 ii

This skull dress is a bit too short for my liking. I thought I’d wear it under a longer tunic to feel more comfortable.  Turns out this tunic is the same length!   I wouldn’t feel to comfortable going out like this.  Luckily for me the only time I left the house was to take the dogs for a walk.  So only a few neighbours (and now the Internet) have seen me in this outfit.


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