Night Shots

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So these night shots aren’t the best, sorry.  We took them quickly before a friend’s birthday get-together.  Its getting darker faster and earlier now, these were taken at about 6 pm.  Well, that is a lot better then my days in Scotland were the sun started setting at 3:30 pm in Winter.

So I’m starting to feel like my style is evolving. Do any of you get that? Or it might just be that I’m have the courage to dress the way I want to without second guessing myself, or if it fits the occasion or if  it might look like I’m trying to hard. You know what I mean?

Yes, this is my first Chambray shirt. I know I’m so late to this party that people are already sweeping up the paper cups.  But who cares!? It is so comfy and looks cool. It wasn’t on my Autumn list but it is on my Winter list (still to be published).  I could not find a white shirt that suited me.  I saw this shirt by chance and just tried it on.  I got it cause I wanted a neutral button up shirt and although I was hoping for a white shirt, this ticked all the boxes and I love it!  Those are also my first black skinny jeans (you’re starting to wonder why I blog aren’t you?).

Get the look:



1 (exact)/2 (exact)/3


Tailored Blazer



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