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I almost didn’t have a post for you today. Luckily Fate smiled upon me and gave me a little extra time  to put this post together.

As you can see this is another copied outfit.  This time from A Little  Dash of Darling. I wore it with flats during the day and then I changed into yellow heels for evening and did my hair, unfortunately I forgot to take those outfit pics, but I’m sure you get the idea.  I really like this outfit because I usually end up feeling a bit frumpy in winter. Taking the jacket off made it a whole lot more casual. But if for some reason I suddenly need to look fancy… well that is what blazers are for.  I’ve had this blazer for many years and I almost gave it away.  Then I found some fancy buttons in my stash and replaced the horrible plastic ones the jacket came with. Now it feels like new but also smart. Smart-new!

Get the look:


Woolworths Stripe Knit Blazer 


kate spade new york 'licorice too' pumpSkinny patent belt




Click on the images to follow the links.


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