What I bought in April


I finally found a yellow cardigan.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought, that trend has either not hit SA yet or it is long gone! I happened to see this through a shop window and went in to try it on.  I wanted a bright yellow as mustard tends to make me look a little ill (although I really like mustard!).  As I paid for it I saw these shoes. Now I know they weren’t on the list I posted a month ago, but I bought them to replace my purple kitten heels that fell apart, so I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of them.  I love flats with pointy toes because I feel they look a little smarter.

I will need to adjust my list to keep in mind that I will need to replace existing pieces in wardrobe and also that I will see something that I fall in love with.  But if I do this carefully and not on impulse (like those hounds-tooth shorts that I can no longer return), I should be able to incorporate those unique pieces into my new wardrobe with ease.

So the hunt for pieces on the Autumn addition of  The List continues.   I’m not really one to go shopping for fun (as in spend money, but I love browsing)  so that is why I don’t get everything at once. It also helps to keep the pockets from emptying.  Some people call it cheap,  I like to think of it as sensible!


5 thoughts on “What I bought in April

  1. I think having a list of items really helps when shopping – it prevents just a whole bunch of impulse buys and you end up with pieces you knew you were going to wear a lot.

  2. Exactly! Even though I only get a few pieces at a time, I really feel like I am expanding my outfit choices a lot. Plus it makes the old pieces feel new!

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