What I bought in Feb/March


Ok time for a confession. I bought 2 tops and a pair of sandals (click on images for link) that were not on The List! (I  know! I’m weak!).  The sandals were an emergency buy because my adorable puppies decided to eat my lovely pair of cream sandals.  They aren’t too badly ruined, I’ve noticed, so I am going to attempt a D.I.Y  to make them wearable again.  The tops however are yet to be worn! Sigh… That is what happens when you deviate from The List.

I also bought a pair of  hounds-tooth shorts. But I’m returning those (I misplaced the receipt, but now that I have it again I’ll do it the next time I’m at the mall.) The shorts looked good on me in store, but when I got home they were suddenly way too short, too tight and just generally unflattering! How do the stores do it? Magic changing rooms, I bet! Has this ever happened to you?

Benjamin Boots

I have been saving up for a pair of cognac boots and I got these for a steal! Yay me! I bought them as a nice little reward for putting in the study hours lately (hence the fewer posts).  So once the weather cools down, expect to see them often.

Next item on The List… a pair of black skinny jeans!


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