What I added to my wardrobe in February

red cap shoes 001


In my About page I mention that I don’t go shopping often.  I also mention that I have a list of  items that I need/want and that my aim is to stick to only what is on the list.  These are the 2 items I added this month.

I actually wanted black shoes with silver toe caps but I could not find any in my size. Then I had the bright idea of trying on the same shoe but in a different colour to see if  it fits so I could order them online.  They had NO shoes in my size, at all.  (I’m a size 5 if you were wondering, so it should be very easy to find!).  Fed up, I left and went a totally different shop and found these red ones and I fell in love with them.  But The List said black!! What do I do?  I can’t go against The List! I made a quick mental calculation of  what I could wear the red ones with, and also if  I could wear them with what I wanted to pair the black ones with.  So I decided that they passed the test.  I also argued that if would give the many outfits I’m about to copy from various blogs and pinterest a unique twist :P.

Another item I had on my list was an oversized clutch.  I saw this one online and it was on sale. I went to see if I could find it in store because I find it hard judging sizes online.  I discovered that it was actually a tablet cover.  I love using it as an oversized clutch.  Finally I can fit my purse and my phone in my bag!




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