Magic White T-shirt

I’ve discovered the magic of a plain white t-shirt late in life. Actually, I only discovered it quite recently. I’ve always found them a bit, well… plain. Why get a plain white tee, when I can get this awesome one with a graphic print on it? Well, I’ll tell you why… You can wear it with anything. (I can hear the chorus of ‘duh’ being sung all over Pretoria as you read this.) You can even wear it with that awesome shweshwe skirt your mom made you because she loves you. You can wear it with any of those patterned bottoms you have stuffed in the back of your cupboard, because you just can’t find the right graphic tee to wear with them. So while we all wait for that perfect graphic tee to come along, let’s put on our white t-shirts.

magic white tee 2 magic white tee

Shirt: Woolworths
Skirt: My Mommy made it.
Necklace: Gift.
Beaded Bangle: Thrifted.

Image 1   smoking slipper

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